Data-driven creativity

Listen to the data

Using data to enable better creative output

Customer behaviour is measured in many ways but, in today’s digital world, there are several key signals to help marketers optimise their campaigns to deliver greater success. When considering digital advertising, impressions are important to measure how many people will have seen your message BUT click through rate (CTR) is a far more interesting metric to help ascertain how successful the creative is at eliciting a response. In a recent campaign designed and delivered by ARK, our dashboard which incorporates data streams from various sources, enabled the client to change the creative assets throughout the campaign to reflect customer preference and therefore increase CTR. This form of A/B testing is not original to ARK but we had not seen this approach adopted by our healthcare clients. Netflix has been doing this for years. Each time a new film/series is launched, Netflix trials a set of campaign images with a subset of their entire audience to see which ads yield the bigger click-throughs. By doing so, the company has achieved approximately 20 to 30 percent increase in video viewing.

This is a form of beta testing in marketing communications. The crux of the issue here is that the creative process now involves data to refine and improve the message.
The fundamentals of all data-driven campaigns are the same: listen to the data and make informed decisions about creative direction.

Which creative route is best? The one that performs the best.