Data + creativity = £1m

Following the success of the Christmas campaign, ARK worked alongside The Childhood Trust to create a summer campaign to raise money for disadvantaged children living in London.

As before, the campaign was based on a compelling creative narrative that brought to life some truly horrifying data about how many of London’s poorer children will be spending their summer holidays.  The series of messages focussed on various key themes such as hunger, drug abuse and violence and were crafted into a campaign of impactful and visually arresting visuals.  At the centre of the campaign was a data-driven methodology ensuring that the stronger performing creatives were dialled up in the media inventory to ensure the maximum number of donations.

The most successful ad in the campaign was “Knife” which, on Facebook alone, produced over 21k impressions, 728 engagements and a CTR of 4.8%, which is nearly 5 times higher than the average for FB.

The result: £1,252,433 in donations in 7 days.  The year previously, the summer campaign made £788k.

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