How to raise over £1.5m in a week

Data-driven creativity to deliver tangible results

Childhood Trust approached Dom Marchant before he set up ARK to deliver their Christmas 2017 campaign.  The Childhood Trust works to alleviate the impact of poverty for disadvantaged children living in London. They fund projects that help children in the following ways; meeting children’s practical needs, supporting children’s emotional needs and inspiring children with new experiences and opportunities.

The campaign utilised various media including social, outdoor, print and online.  The aim was to raise much-needed funds for the charity via a simple call to action: to visit an online donations page. At the heart of the campaign was a simple A/B testing approach: all creative followed a theme and each variation’s ability to drive traffic to the pledge site was monitored and tracked.  By assessing creative performance via a simple dashboard, the team were able to change the media inventory and “dial up” higher performing creative assets.

The result: £1,252,433 in donations in 7 days. 

As a result of this work, The Childhood Trust has been working with ARK on their fundraising campaigns.

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