We are ARK, the data-driven creative agency.

We design, develop and deliver measurable experiences by focussing on two things: your customers and your message.

Analytical approach

Our process starts with the data, evolves with the data and generates data. In short, there’s a lot of data to process to ensure we know about our audience, how they engage with our campaign, how we can optimise our message and, ultimately, show success

Mad Men meets Math Men

If everyone relied solely on the data, campaigns would be algorithmic and every brand would look the same. Our creative is, of course, award-winning and impactful. We always look to push boundaries and experiment and will always be known for producing work other agencies simply cannot.

Digital first thinking

Everyone who founded this agency has digital agency experience, from founding and selling digital agencies through to delivering multichannel campaigns for global brands. For us, digital is more than just online, it’s about a way of thinking in an agile and measured way. We default to digital. It is our first language.

Pro bono work is vital

We will always have at least one pro bono client on our books. At present, we work for Childhood Trust and Monkey Sox. We believe that working for not-for-profit clients allows us to give something back, to think in different ways and try new ways of engaging with audiences.

We work with organisations who value their offering as much as we value ours.