The Genesis Block Education Podcast is a (mainly) Bitcoin and cryptocurrency podcast where host BitcoinByMalx interviews thought leaders, academics, influencers, and everyday people in the space on a range of topics such as macroeconomics, security, investment and adoption.

Arising from the ashes of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the GBE podcast main mission is to capture the diversity of knowledge and opinions that represent the broader Bitcoin community.

Fundamentally, Genesis Block Education’s main mission is to educate and support our followers with the resources, courses and tools that will allow them to grow their knowledge and flourish in this growing space.

Bitcoin is no longer a ‘plaything’ of computer geeks and cyber criminals. Retail and institutional investors, public companies and even governments are now starting to pay attention. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will continue to grow in important to the world and there is no better time to learn about it.


Malx has clocked over 20 years of finance experience and has spent the last 10 years of his career consulting leading global companies in Finance and Technology ‘Fintech’ including one of the biggest companies in the cryptocurrency space.

His interest in cryptocurrency was sparked in 2015, firstly by price speculation, then a chance meeting with Andreas Antonopoulos ad furthered after learning about the possibilities of blockchain technology through and Oxford University Strategy Initiative.

Since then, Malcolm has made it his mission to educate and share his knowledge on cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin, as a currency, an investment tool, a technology, and a catalyst for social and economic change.

In 2019, Malx’s ambition to bring the most intelligent, engaging, and original people in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space to a wider audience led him to co-found Genesis Block Education: an internet-based financial media education platform and podcast for the growing demographic of new investors.

Malx passionately believes that now is the best time to try and understand what all the noise is all about… ‘these technologies [cryptocurrency] are not going away, they are here to stay’.