Your Elite Luxury Chauffeur Service

Your Elite Luxury Chauffeur Service

Fairway Executive brings you the most elite & Professional chauffeur services all around London.

At FairWay Executive, we tailor your journey to your exact specification and make your peace of mind our number one priority

Fairway Executive is an established and experienced luxury chauffeur service. We offer highly trained and experienced drivers with extensive knowledge and the best in class service.

  • Samuel Sharpe

    "I worked with Fairway Executive on Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. They were superb in their role in transport. Nothing was ever a problem, and they dealt with a difficult and demanding shoot in some really tough locations in and around central London as well as further afield."

    Samuel Sharpe
    Marvel Entertainment
  • Barney Bossom
    "I highly recommend Fairway Executive's services. They are efficient professional and offer real value for money with the services that they offer. They have been a great service to our clients in professional sport."
    Barney Bossom
    Manchester City Football Club
  • Hugo Scheckter
    "We used Fairway Executive at West Ham United to provide high level chauffeured vehicles to the 1st Team Staff & Players. They provided a one stop shop of a variety of vehicles, sorting all the logistics - often at short notice. Highly recommended!"
    Hugo Scheckter
    The Player Care Group